You and your family host parties all year long, for any and all occasions. You have parties for birthdays, sporting events, holidays, celebrating little and big moments in life, and just about anything else you can think of. You invite your friends and neighbors, you reuse decorations and play music, and you even set up seating areas throughout the house and backyard.

These parties have been fun, but they are slowly taking their toll. You are getting tired of figuring out food and drinks for everyone. You have cooked your fair share of cocktail meatballs. You have worn out several slow cookers throughout the years. You have memorized appetizer recipes and figured out how many frozen pizza are just enough.


But after years of party planning, hosting, and wrapping pigs in a blanket, you are worn out. You have tried catering a few times, but they never seemed to be great quality. The food generally was cold, bland, and just overall a sad attempt at creating something edible.

But Baba Ghannouj Mediterranean Buffet is different. Get the authentic and flavor filled taste of Mediterranean food catered right to your door. Our food offers something different that allows you to enjoy your party while your guests enjoy the food! We offer different catering options and a ton of flavor with everything we offer.

But why choose Baba Ghannouj? You want a caterer that is different from the rest. You don’t want to bore your guests with dull catered food that they see at every party. You want something new and exciting. Our Mediterranean food is a delicious and different option.

So, we offer a ton of flavor, with unique and interesting food choices. But you can also choose the type of catering you need and want.

Pita Wraps Party Platter

Are you having a small, casual party that is only complete with delicious finger food? If so, our pita wrap platters are the perfect option for you! Our pita platters come with utensils, plates, napkins, and serving spoons. We offer three different options for our platters, depending on the size (or hunger) of your party.

Option 1: Small pita platter can feed about ten to twelve people. The pitas are cut into 20 halves, which may not be enough for your hungry guests.

Option2: The large pita platter is 40 halves that can serve 15 to 20 people. Still not enough for your guests? Maybe try option 3.

Option 3: This is our extra-large pita platter and can feed 25 to 30 people. This platter consists of 60 halves. Hopefully this will satisfy your starving guests.

Meat Trays

Meat trays are always a popular party choice. They are a classic favorite that everyone has their eyes on the minute they walk into the party. And like the pita platters, we also offer small, large, and extra-large meat tray options. But these aren’t your typical meat trays that come with sausage, salami, and some mystery meat. These are meat trays full of Mediterranean inspired flavors and styles. The list is long so we will only list a few of our favorites:

  • Beef and lamb gyro
  • Chicken kebab
  • Chicken shawarma (served with french fries and pickles)
  • Curry chicken
  • Meatball and spaghetti
  • Lamb stew
  • Beef stew
  • Lamb chops
  • Beef kofta
  • Chicken shawarma bites
  • Shrimp kabab
  • Grilled chicken alfredo breast
  • Chicken alfredo pasta
  • Grilled chicken salad
  • Lamb kebab
  • Beef kebab
  • Beef roast carving
  • Chicken seekh kebab

Oh look at that, we listed all of them, because they are all our favorites! There is so much flavor packed into these meat trays, your guests will be talking about them for weeks to come!

Catering Lunch Box

Want more options for your guests? Try out our catering lunch boxes! These sweet packages come with a pita wrap, a side or salad, and a cookie or piece of baklava. This catering option allows your guests to enjoy a few different flavors during your party. With our lunch box option, we offer a few different pita wrap options. We won’t even pretend to list a few of our favorites this time.

  • Lamb and beef gyro
  • Chicken shawarma
  • Grilled chicken
  • Grilled cheese
  • Steak and cheese wrap
  • Chicken philly
  • Caesar chicken
  • Falafel (veggie)
  • Hummus and tabbouleh wrap (veggie)
  • Eggplant and cauliflower wrap (veggie)

Buffet Style Catering

We also offer catering options that come buffet style. There are five different buffet style options.

Option 1: Veggie Buffet with a choice of three sides, salad, rice, and pitas.

Option 2: The Silver Buffet comes with one choice of meat, one side, one salad choice, rice, and pitas.

Option 3: Our Gold Buffet includes one choice of meat, two sides, one salad, rice, and pitas.

Option 4: The Diamond Buffet includes two choices of meat, three sides, one salad, baklava or cookies, rice, and pitas.

Option 5: And for the last options, Gyro Buffet, you can create your own gyro setup—choose between lamb gyro and chicken—includes tomatoes, lettuce, onions, tzatziki sauce, feta cheese and pitas.

This is a fun options for parties, your guest can eat what they want and you will have a few options so everyone can enjoy the wonderful cuisine.

Hot and Cold Side Trays

Along with our other catering options, you can also choose additional items from our cold and hot trays. These are sides that add a ton of flavor to the party and are perfect for the munchers who never eat full meals during your parties.


Our hot trays include options like falafel, rice and lentils, grilled veggies, french fries, and chick peas. These are great sides for your pita platter or your meat trays.


Our cold side trays are also perfect additions to your pita platter and meat tray. Our cold sides include hummus, grape leaves, eggplant, and cucumber sauce. Add these to your pita or eat them alone, the options are endless!

No matter what you choose, side trays are always good ideas when it comes to parties, who doesn’t like an array of tasty treats.

Salads and Desserts

It only felt right grouping salads and desserts together. Decide to add a little of both or choose the greater of the two evils, the choice is yours. We offer many salads, some are traditional and show up to parties regularly, others are Mediterranean masterpieces that you must try once in your life. Our desserts are the same way. Go with the traditional option, or try something unique!

No matter what catering options you choose, Baba Ghannouj has the flavor and options you need to get your party going. Don’t waste any more time with your party food planning. Let us help add some flavor to your party, check out our catering menu now! Contact us today to learn more!