Party planning can be fun and chaotic, and if you have the host mentality you are sure to plan your fair share of parties. And while you may think you are the master of party planning, there is always room for improvement.

To plan the perfect party, you need consider every aspect of the party. Do you have enough drink variety for your guests? Do the decorations show you efforts without being over-the-top? Do you have enough activities for guests who get bored easily?

From the minute your guests get to the party to the minute they leave, you want to ensure that you have every aspect of your party planned out perfectly. You are throwing your party for your guests, so you want to make plans that will cater to their needs and wants.


While you are busy planning every other detail or your party, let Baba Ghannouj Mediterranean Buffet handle your food. We have an extensive catering menu that will make it easy to find options everyone will love! All you have to do is decide if you want buffet style catering or select different platter dishes. Choose your food options and we will do the rest!

Our buffet style catering comes with many different options—from a veggie buffet to a gyro buffet. You can find a buffet style that fits your guests preferences and allows everyone to enjoy the delicious selection of food. Our Silver, Gold, or Diamond buffet options all comes with meat, at least one side, salad, and either rice and pita or desserts.

But if you believe that your guests will enjoy different options, your can try our different platters. Baba Ghannouj offers a pita wrap platter, meat trays, side platters, and more! Find the perfect combination of delicious and flavourful Mediterranean food and have your guests amazed at the unique taste our catering supplies!

Once you have made the tough decision of which of our many tasty options you want at your party, you must begin planning the rest of your party. This blog will go over some tips and tricks to creating and planning the perfect party.

Background Noise

Unless you are planning a rager, you don’t want you music to overpower every other aspect of your party. And you don’t want annoying club music that will be hard to listen to for hours on end. But you also don’t want the party to be completely silent, making it awkward for your guests to speak in anything louder than a whisper.

Picking the perfect music may not seem like toughest task, but music has a way of changing the mood in any situation. When picking music there are a few things you will want to take into consideration to be sure you create the perfect playlist.


Your guest may be the most important thing to consider when choosing a music theme. If you are having a kids song, having rap songs or inappropriate songs will not be the best choice, instead pick something that is popular and that will entertain them—like Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, or whoever else the kids are listening to these days. Have your child help you pick some songs so you can have a good starting point.

If you are having a party with your friends, consider the types of music each of them like. If one friend listens to nothing but country and another only listens to alternative, mix some of both in. Another safe route is to play throwbacks. Even if everyone listens to different music now, everyone grew up on similar music and are sure to know and love the throwbacks. Mix in the old with the new and create a station that creates nostalgia but also gets your guests excited when their new favorite song starts playing in the background.


You never want to music to be too loud, unless you are in fact throwing a rager. Generally, music should be really good background noise. It should never be so loud that your guests feel as though they have to shout to one another, nor should it be too quiet that your guest feel as though they cannot speak at a normal volume.

If your party is inside and outside and you have one music system for both, you will want to check the volume levels to ensure it is not too loud in either space. Depending on the type of music you are playing you also want to be aware of your neighbors. Are they able to hear your music? Are there songs in your playlist that may not be appropriate for children? You don’t want to bother anyone else with loud and obnoxious music.


We could go on about music, but let’s move on to your decorations! Unless this is a Christmas party or a child’s birthday celebration, you don’t want to go overboard on the decorations. It is a waste of money and your guest may not even notice all the work you have put into making your space look beautiful. Now that isn’t saying you shouldn’t decorate at all—adding a little flair and style can help you party seem a little more put together. Add some unique centerpieces to your food tables, put fun tablecloths over tables and counters (this also makes for an easier cleanup). Small decorations can help your party seem more planned and can add some style to the layout.


If you take pride in your parties, the one thing you fear the most is your guests getting bored at your party. You want to have activities and things set up for your guests to participate in if they have done enough mingling and can’t find anything else to talk about. You can only mingle so much before you can’t stand it anymore.

There are many different things you can do to beat the boredom, especially for summer parties. Yard games are always a great option. Cornhole, ladder ball, bocce ball, volleyball, badminton, spikeball, and so many more! There are options to choose from that will keep your guests busy and having fun without feeling the need to start another conversation about the weather.

If you party is later in the evening, get a firepit and have a small camp fire that your guests can sit around and enjoy a conversation with everyone. You can even bring different games that people can all enjoy playing like Taboo, Speak Out, or even charades. These can be fun to throw into the mix when the conversation begins to slow.


While we have already mentioned that you want to consider your guests when making music selections, you will also want to be sure to make the right guest selections in the first place. Let’s be honest, some people can bring the party mood down. You want to be sure you have people at your party that can create their own fun, don’t rely on you to entertain them all night, and who enjoy mingling. So when deciding who to invite think about who will get along with who and who will enhance the party.

No matter what party plans you make, you want to be sure that you have the food covered. A party without food is like a wedding without the bride or groom. It is just pointless and everyone is disappointed. But with the help of Baba Ghannouj, you can wow your guests with great taste and unique style!

Start planning your party today and contact Baba Ghannouj Mediterranean Buffet to set up your catering menu! Once you plan the catering, the rest of your party will just fall into place!